Steven X YANG
Steven X YANG

It’s time to talk about love.


Because there is NO better TIME than NOW!

This is not an easy topic to discuss with, due to:

  1. The definition itself is somewhat difficult to begin with, different people may have different views about certain things, specially the diverse nature itself.
  2. Many people seldom think about this matter deeply, afterall, we all have different background & experience, this is what normally causes differences in individual cognition.
  3. Because the word itself is an abstract concept, many people only talk about experience, emotion, feeling, imagination etc, these are very subjective, the understanding may get completed over time.
  4. There is hardly any scientific method to measure this matter. Although some people start to describe this by using the metaphor of quantum entanglement, we are still newbie in the quantum world. Again, science is only one way to understand this world, and we are just getting started with this discovery.

But I am still willing to try, at least I can record my reflection on this pretty tough topic.

We, as flesh and blood, are on the verge of ascension. Many disasters that have never been happened in the past hundred years have happened in 2020 consistently, and the future is yet to be optimistic. This is not only the best time to make choice, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, but also better knowing our world and helping people to choose.

A gentle tip, this article is not intended to illustrate the relationship between a loving couple, although many often refer to this scenario, I might touch the tip of iceberg when it’s appropriate.

Unconditional (giving)

When people start talking about this subject, the statement always begin with ‘does someone love me’ or ‘do I love someone’ or ‘somebody loves someone’ etc. Unconsciously, we are easily to fall into a trap where one person love another one must have a dedicate reason, i.e. a give and take relationship. Many people prefer to be loved because of enjoying the feeling that other people deliver certain acts, e.g. beautiful words, care, materialized, emotional endorsement etc. On the other hand, those who puts effort into such action may want something back in return (equivalent love), otherwise it’s hard to maintain a constant action, because the feedback normally does not meet the expectation. Eventually, things could go messy and this relationship might break up.

Therefore, the cornerstone can be analysed, people have been treating relationship as a give and take relationship, one side delivers certain action of love and expects something in return to compensate or balance the pay outs. It is more or less like a trade during some certain relationships. On the surface, we all get used to this classical mindset, i.e. everything has its price, whereas underneath, it’s hard to fulfil every expectation, as the dissatisfaction aggregates, contradiction starts evolved.

If we forget about taking, i.e. no expectation on the outcome when giving, I’m sure the relationship could be stronger and last longer. Just try to think about the love every parents given to their new born baby, I don’t think they are after anything in return at least in that given time. Even if the parents are exhausted every day, they feel very happy and worth the effort, and this happiness is the momentum to move things to a more positive direction.

Loving ≠ Taking (selfless)

Some readers might argue, child is the most closed family member, my example is too vague to illustrate. Well, if we hang-on for a second, as the child growing up in age, some parents start to angry about their child, some even punish by physical punishment. So what’s going on here, don’t they love their child anymore? I bet they do, since their child’s behaviour does not meet their expectation, they are not getting the feedback they want, which causes contradiction between giving and taking. That’s why we often hear Love and Hate are causal relationship. However, this article isn’t about appropriate family education, I am simply trying to make my point: if we always think about taking/receiving when loving someone, our focus point would locate upon ourselves, rather than the loving object itself, hence we would suffer, that’s the reason of ‘why it is so difficult to love someone’.

Energy (cohesive and coherent)

To this point, it seems I haven’t explain what love really is. To my humble opinion, love is a type of energy which can penetrate all dimension and all density, a bit like light. I’m still figuring out the truth about light, until then, let’s only focus on energy right now.

It is really hard to explain dimension and density in such short blog post, if you have seen the film Interstellar by Christopher Nolan and understand the story to some extent, I’m sure you have got a glance on what dimension is. This type of energy can travel through time and space, bear Albert Einstein’s General Relativity in mind, time is a very subjective concept created by human beings in order to measure the world; space is all about relative coordinates which can be shifted by different frequency, which is also another way to describe what energy is, in a more spiritual aspect.

Many extraterrestrials (no, we are not alone, no need to doubt, just accept this fact) describe their world is in 4th+ density where are full of love and light, individuals can coexist in harmony. We, as human beings living on planet earth, currently are in 3rd density, where self-awareness and self-consciousness belong to, are able to experience this energy in a very physical reality. That’s why almost everyone like to love or being loved, that’s also part of the meaning of life for many people. So next time, if we see a person is looking for true love, please don’t laugh, we should encourage its dream, even though the journey might be very tough sometimes, that’s also part of the experience. No worry, the energy will lead the way automatically, just follow the heart.

Receptor (heart)

Speaking of heart, I don’t want to talk about human anatomy here. When any emotion is generated, the first organ in our body gives signal to our brain is the heart. Heart acts as a receptor of all sort of energy, including love. That energy passes through our brain, hence feeling is generated. That’s why sometimes somebody arguing someone is heartless(没心没肺), just try to think, how can someone is able to receive love without heart?

Heart has some even greater ability, i.e. receptor of higher self (part of God), which passes information to our brain, that’s what gut feeling (intuition) is all about.

Compassionate (let go)

Having always talking about giving, what if the loving object gives very negative feedback instead?

No feedback is always better than negative feedback, is it? Perhaps certain type of love is not welcomed by the receiver, or maybe the lover behaves inappropriately. No matter how, love should be unilaterally. Please always remember, the ultimate love can embrace all feedbacks, respect the free will of loving objects is far more important than the love itself. Therefore, letting go all the expectation & feedbacks becomes essential, pure love is also the most beautiful thing in the world.

Love yourself (before love someone else)

Alright, if you are still reading, congratulation! We are approaching to the end of this article, we might more or less have an insight of different angles of LOVE. Before somebody is getting too excited, I shall give some extra advice before you go.

Obviously, everyone has the right to love or be loved, whereas loving yourself is the first and most important step. To be honest, people who can’t even handle themselves well have higher probability of unpleasant feeling when contributing. I’m not saying they don’t feel a single happiness during that process, but issue could easily arise due to the worse manifestation of their own.

I used to talk a lot to my close one:

How can I love someone if I don’t even love myself?

Afterall, loving myself should be much easier than loving someone else, and if I fail on such self-motivated action, the foreseeable future is unpromising as well.

All in all, everyone uses different belief system to look at this world, as a result, ’emotion’ such as love could certainly get as complicated as you can ever imagine, hopefully this write-up does light up certain people who might seeking help and this world does need love more than ever.

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Steven X YANG

It's time to talk about love. Why? Because there is NO better TIME than NOW! This is not an easy topic to discuss with, due to: The definition itself is somewha…
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