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Future Mobile Network

2012, the year of extraordinary mobile technology evolution, the year when demand on data and connectivity is much higher than ever. With strong growing mobile technology and more competitors joining this game, people can acquire fairly decent mobile phones or tablets without paying too much these days, as a result, cellular connectivity is more concerned by the general public than before. The third generation network which exists for almost a decade has been fully utilized, hence people started to look beyond, e.g. the fourth generation or even “fifth” generation. Whereas, others do insist the trend of future mobile network is not about the gimmick terminology, but the price of tariff, coverage, and quality.

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29th of October, UK’s first fourth generation network has been launched by EE, a joint venture of T-Mobile UK and Orange UK, in 16 biggest cities of Great Britain by the end of the year, covering almost one third of UK’s population. The initial social response has been overwhelmed, since comparing to other countries, we have already been left behind. Till now, it is time for us to catch up the game. However, after EE released their pricing to the public, people simply got shocked by the premium over the current average 3G price. The lowest tariff would be £36 a month, starting with a data cap at 500MB monthly. BBC claimed that it takes only 40 seconds to use up all that amount of data, this is simply not practical at all, some people even call it a huge “rip-off”; while EE suggested that 4G only gives the benefit of fast accessing to the internet. As a result, I would like to test it out, and try to justify whether it is worth to take such premium.

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