The End Game has Come, Choice is the Only Thing Remains

The End Game has Come, Choice is the Only Thing Remains

This writing should be done half a year ago, as a yearly review and status update of myself. Unfortunately, the unexpected pandemic occurred in the very beginning of 2020, despite keeping myself social distancing at home for almost 2 months, I was still not able to sort things out. News all over the world makes people hardly to believe anything and chaos bothers me where to begin with.

Last year, I began practising myself with some deeper mindset in many aspects of my life, and it does bring a huge improvement to myself, especially on mentality. I was more open minded, and much luckier ever since I see a different world is approaching (Law of Attraction). Everything happened around me happened for a reason and the duality is never an issue anymore. No matter what happened, I do not feel as emotional as I used to be, i.e. not extremely happy nor sad. I understand, respect and accept it. Sometimes, I even see this mindset is so powerful that proves Schrödinger’s Cat really meaningful.

Back to the reality, I suppose most people nowadays treat the year 2020 as a very distinguishable period, many even start to realise 2019 might be the best year for the foreseeable future. With all the unbelievable events happened simultaneously across the globe, it’s hardly not to think about the Book of Revelation 6.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse : Viktor Vasnetsov (1887)

Pale Horse Black Horse Red Horse White Horse
Death Famine War Pandemic


Or during the Exodus, what happened in ancient Egypt (1300BC) prophesied pretty much most of these:

  1. Water to Blood – Siberia, Russia and many other

  2. Frogs = N/A

  3. Lice or gnats = N/A

  4. Wild animals or flies = N/A

  5. Pestilence of livestock = African Swine Fever

  6. Boils = N/A

  7. Thunderstorm of hail and fire = Many places

  8. Locusts = Africa, Arabian Peninsula, South and South-West Asia, South America

  9. Darkness for three days = N/A

  10. Death of firstborn = N/A

The Seventh Plague: John Martin (1823)

Obviously, we are talking about metaphor for the prophecy here, by adding bubonic plague, COVID-19, cloudburst, earthquake, volcanic activity and Betelgeuse dimming etc, the list goes on, point has been made. People don’t have to believe any religion nor anything, also there are a thousand scientific explanations causing all of these (perhaps the Earth’s Magnetic Poles Shifting is somehow related), the fact is, what happened happened, facing the problem is the real challenge for everyone.

Whereas many people feel helpless:

We are only ordinary people, what do you expect?

It’s never too late to prepare: financially, physically and spiritually. Every human life is precious, because without life, everything is meaningless. Everyone should be responsible for himself, not simply counting on others, eventually, it’s really up to everyone to make a change. However, not many people want to make adjustment to themselves, since that’s all down to human nature.

Intel Metaphor Mentality
Ignorance frog at the bottom of a well happily ever after
Aware of but unable to accept deceive himself agony
Aware of but remain neutral Doctrine of the Mean hesitation
Aware of also profit from it aid a evildoer to do evil schadenfreude
Aware of also embrace enlightenment anattā


Like it or not, the big reckoning is coming, this is the end of this civilization. I’m glad I can experience such epic moment (through the entire 2020), there is no FOMO this time for everyone, no matter where we are or what we believe. The outcome really depends on every single of us, there is nothing to be afraid of.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is…Fear Itself

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The collective unconscious definitely plays a huge role here, everyone shall make his very best decision and ready to embrace the new era.

Wasteland of the Collective Unconscious: GWA

Last but not least, be safe and stay alive.

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